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Jescar Finishing Products is excited to announce the launch of four new products for the automotive products market. These products have been designed for maximum performance and efficiency and further Jescar’s commitment to providing the highest quality paint correction and protection products.

Ultra Lock Plus: Since its introduction in 2010 Power Lock has been recognized as the industry standard for automotive paint protection. We have now taken paint sealants to a new level with the development of Ultra Lock Plus. Combining the durability of SiO2 ceramic technology with the slickness and gloss of polymers we are able to extend the protection time while maintaining ease of application and great appearance. The new standard in paint protection has been born!

Available in a new 8oz size, as well as the 16oz, quart and gallon sizes.

Heavy Cut Compound: When confronted with heavy scratches and defects along with the need for speed, Heavy Cut Compound is the solution. Heavy Cut Compound will take out 1200 grit sanding marks easily on all paint systems as well as fiberglass gelcoat. Follow up with Jescar Medium Polish or the new Fine Polish for perfect gloss.

Available in 8oz, quart and gallon sizes.


Tire and Trim Protectant: Enhances the appearance of tires, plastic and rubber trim while protecting from UV rays and road contaminants. Excellent durability. Applied with a foam applicator onto tires, rubber trim, wheels, chrome, and more.

Available in 16oz and gallon sizes.

Fine Polish: With faster swirl/haze/scratch removal than the Micro Finishing Polish the new Fine Polish can be used directly after Correcting Compound and even Heavy Cut Compound. Superb gloss level and workability the Fine Polish rounds out the Jescar correction product line.

Available in 8oz, quart and gallon sizes.

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