To keep the surface looking perfect after polishing it is necessary to provide protection from environmental contamination, water spots, and harsh UV rays.  Jescar has developed the industry standard in surface protection with our Power Lock Plus polymer sealant.  Jescar Color Lock carnauba wax offer a more traditional solution to paint protection with additional modern additives to boost the carnauba protection.  And for regular cleaning of all exterior and interior hard surfaces we go beyond typical detail sprays with Paint Refresh.  

All Purpose Cleaner

Universal all purpose cleaner is a concentrated solution for removal of insects, grease, bird droppings, and other heavy contamination on automotive paint and other surfaces. Use in areas requiring heavy degreasing such as engine bays and workshop floors.

Auto Wash Auto Shampoo

Auto Wash foaming auto shampoo safely cleans painted surfaces, plastic, chrome, and rubber trim. Excellent foam production when used with foam guns or when manually washing. Gently removes dirt and road contamination without affecting car wax or sealants. 

Paint Refresh Professional Detail Spray

Paint Refresh is a multi-surface cleaner and protectant that is safe to use on any non-porous surface without streaking or leaving a haze. It has been formulated to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from all paint surfaces, leaving a high gloss finish with the added benefit of a light protective barrier. With one application, Paint Refresh will leave the surface looking great and will also leave a smooth and slick-feeling surface without any harmful silicone. Paint Refresh will help to keep the surface clean by repelling water, dust and dirt with its anti-static formula. Excellent for use after washing the vehicle to provide water beading and boost the effect of wax or sealants. Available in an economical 22 ounce spray bottle.

ReactShine Wheel Cleaner

Jescar ReactShine contains powerful detergents and iron reactive compounds designed to remove baked in brake dust, road grime and contaminates completely and effectively. It is effective on alloy wheels and automotive paint for removing rust and iron particles embedded on the surface. ReactShine will turn purple to indicate when it is ready for rinsing. Comes in an easy to spray 22 ounce bottle.