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Jescar offers general guidelines and product recommendations to achieve the best results in most applications.  Although there are accepted best practices that should always be followed, exact product selection and methods can be modified or adjusted based on a user’s experiences and the condition of the vehicle.  The following examples will assume that the vehicle received proper surface preparation, including but not limited to washing, decontamination, use of clay bar or equivalent and masking of sensitive trim areas.  

Paint Defect Repair

In detailing applications we would recommend the use of the least aggressive product based on the condition of the paint.  For heavily scratched or weathered paint use a dual action or forced rotation style buffing machine with Correcting Compound to ensure complete elimination of all surface scratches.  Correcting Compound with the Jescar Microfiber Cutting pad provides the strongest level of defect removal.  For lighter compounding the Correcting Compound with the Jescar Foam Polishing pad can be used and this will provide an excellent high gloss finish on all but the darkest paint colors.

To eliminate moderate to light scratches we recommend the Jescar Medium Polish and Foam Polishing pad.  This combination will effectively eliminate the defects and provide a high gloss finish that in most cases is ready for the last step sealant/wax.  This is an excellent solution for when a single step correction is necessary on cars without heavy defects.

On dark colors it is possible to see very light haze, hologram or micro-marring due to the action of compounds and heavy cutting pads.  To eliminate these imperfections and to increase the depth of gloss use the Jescar Micro Finishing Polish along with either the Jescar Polishing or Finishing Foam pad.

Paint Protection

After the clear coat paint surface has been sufficiently polished to a defect-free high-gloss finish it should be protected to prevent damage from UV rays, contamination, dirt and marring.  Using a high-quality sealant and/or wax will provide the necessary protection and is easy to apply.

For the longest life and slickest feeling surface apply a thin layer of Jescar Power Lock+ polymer sealant to all of the painted areas of the vehicle.  Apply also to the headlights and plastic tail lights to protect those surfaces as well.  To ensure the application of a thin, even layer of sealant use a dual-action polishing machine at low speed with the Jescar Finishing Foam pad.  Allow to dry for at least ½ hour before buffing off with clean microfiber cloths.

For even longer protection life and to guarantee complete coverage of the entire surface of the vehicle a second layer can be applied.  It is necessary to wait a minimum of 3 hours after application of the first layer to allow it to fully cure before applying the second layer.  Apply the second layer with the same procedure as the first.  It is not necessary nor recommended to apply a third layer as it will no add any additional protection or benefit.

As an alternative to our “synthetic wax” sealant Power Lock+ we offer the protection of carnauba wax with the Jescar Color Lock.  Carnauba offers a different look to the surface than a sealant that some describe as “warmer” and has been the traditional product used to protect the finish of the vehicle.  Color Lock can be applied by hand or with a dual-action polishing machine.  After the Color Lock has had time to cure and dry, approximately ½ after application, it can buffed off with clean microfiber cloths.

For regular maintenance of the paint surface Jescar Paint Refresh can be used as a quick detail spray with light protection.  Paint Refresh can be used on any non-porous surface to remove dirt, fingerprints, and dust leaving a smooth clean finish that will repel dust and bead water.  Spray Paint Refresh on the surface to be cleaned and with a microfiber cloth lightly wipe off the dirt.  With a second clean microfiber cloth remove any remaining residue, turning the cloth frequently to expose clean and dry areas of the cloth.

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