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To keep the surface looking perfect after polishing it is necessary to provide protection from environmental contamination, water spots, and harsh UV rays. Jescar has developed the industry standard in surface protection with our Power Lock Plus polymer sealant. Jescar Color Lock carnauba wax offer a more traditional solution to paint protection with additional modern additives to boost the carnauba protection. And for regular cleaning of all exterior and interior hard surfaces we go beyond typical detail sprays with Paint Refresh.


Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant

Whether you have a brand new vehicle or just polished your car to perfection, now is the time to lock in that high gloss finish. Power Lock Plus goes even further than our original Power Lock formula with more powerful interlocking polymers that lock in the gloss and lock out environmental contamination. In addition to the superior protection properties of our latest polymer technology, Power Lock Plus will feel even slicker to the touch and keep the gloss finish longer. The UV protection will continue to lock out solar ray damage even longer while holding up to repeated washes, rain and snow. Easily applied by hand or with a DA polisher and the Jescar blue finishing foam pad. For even longer protection a second layer can be applied to maximize the locking power to keep the vehicle showroom new. Available in 16 ounce, 32 ounce and gallon sizes.

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Color Lock Carnauba Wax

The traditional method of paint protection is to apply a carnauba wax. Jescar Color Lock carnauba wax has been formulated to apply easily and quickly to achieve a deep, rich, high gloss finish. While most carnauba waxes will quickly start to fade, Color Lock is enhanced with durable polymer additives that will extend the protection even further. Lock in the color of the paint while you lock out environmental contamination and harmful UV rays. Easily applied by hand or with a DA polisher and the Jescar blue finishing foam pad. Available in 16 ounce, 32 ounce and gallon sizes.

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All-in-One Polish and Wax

The single-step detailing solution without compromise. Combining the cutting action of our compound and the finishing quality of our polish, then adding a durable acrylic wax, perfect results can be achieved in only one application. Clean, polish and protect the paint all in one step with Jescar All-in-One polish and wax. Designed to work equally well with either a rotary or DA polisher, especially when using the Jescar yellow polishing foam pad. Available in 8 ounce, 32 ounce and gallon sizes.

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Paint Refresh Professional Detail Spray

Paint Refresh is a multi-surface cleaner and protectant that is safe to use on any non-porous surface without streaking or leaving a haze. It has been formulated to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from all paint surfaces, leaving a high gloss finish with the added benefit of a light protective barrier. With one application, Paint Refresh will leave the surface looking great and will also leave a smooth and slick-feeling surface without any harmful silicone. Paint Refresh will help to keep the surface clean by repelling water, dust and dirt with its anti-static formula. Excellent for use after washing the vehicle to provide water beading and boost the effect of wax or sealants. Available in an economical 22 ounce spray bottle.

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