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Revolutionize your detailing routine with Jescar All Purpose Cleaner (APS), a top-tier solution designed for ultimate versatility and unmatched cleaning power. Our concentrated formula is a game-changer, targeting and eliminating stubborn contaminants like insects, grease, bird droppings, and more from automotive paint and various surfaces.

Experience the unparalleled effectiveness of Jescar APS in heavy degreasing tasks, making it perfect for engine bays and workshop floors. Adjust the concentration effortlessly to tackle light interior cleaning or ramp it up for heavy-duty tasks like engine bay, wheel well, and exterior cleaning.


Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Jescar APS stands out as a universal all-purpose cleaner, catering to a myriad of cleaning applications throughout the detailing process. Elevate your detailing game with a product that's not just versatile but also powerful, ensuring a spotless finish every time.


  • Universal All Purpose Cleaner with concentrated strength.
  • Effectively removes insects, grease, bird droppings, and heavy contamination.
  • Perfect for heavy degreasing tasks such as engine bays and workshop floors.
  • Adjustable concentration for light interior cleaning to heavy-duty exterior tasks.

Unlock the potential of Jescar APS in your detailing arsenal and witness a new level of cleanliness and efficiency in every application.

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