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Jescar Ultra Lock + Ceramic Sealant


Jescar Ultra Lock Plus

Jescar Ultra Lock + Polymer Sealant with SiO2 is a fusion of innovation and durability for unparalleled paint protection and high gloss. Combining the cutting-edge cross linking polymer chemistry of Jescar Power Lock Plus with the hydrophobic properties of ceramic SiO2 technology, Ultra Lock + is the perfect solution for achieving a superior shine that lasts. Did we mention slickness?

The power of Ultra Lock Plus combined with super easy and fast application ensures hassle-free protection for your paint, providing over 6 months of defense against harmful UV rays and environmental contamination. Enjoy the benefits of a super slick feel and deep gloss surface appearance that enhances the beauty of your nicely polished paint work.

While ceramic coatings offer great protection, Jescar's polymer based sealants provide an easier alternative without compromising on performance. Our SiO2 and cross-linking polymer technology offer superior water spot resistance and protection from organic stains and etchings, where inorganic ceramics fall short.

  • SiO2 infused for superior protection and high gloss
  • Easy application and removal for hassle-free protection
  • Provides over 6 months of defense against UV rays and environmental contamination
  • Unmatched slickness enhances the appearance of your vehicle
  • Superior water spot resistance and protection from organic stains and etchings
  • Suitable for hand application with foam or microfiber applicators, or machine application with a foam pad for efficiency
    • Recommend the Jescar Blue Foam Finishing Pad for machine application.

Transform the way you protect your paint with Jescar Ultra Lock + Polymer Sealant with SiO2. Order now and experience the ease of application and uncompromised protection that sets it apart from the rest.


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Jescar Ultra Lock+ Jescar Ultra Lock Plus J-UL98-8

Jescar Ultra Lock + Ceramic Sealant


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