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Yellow Foam Polishing Pad


The Jescar yellow polishing pad is the further evolution of medium density polishing pads in the market today.  Engineered characteristics help advance this foam pad above and beyond from the traditional European yellow foams on the market with its 80 PPI medium density small cell size. Combining the perfect balance of firmness and feel, it offers an impressive finishing ability with excellent cutting or correction ability.  

This extremely versatile pad is great when paired with our Medium Polish, but is also a great application with a variety of our polishes below –

Jescar All In One

Jescar Performance Cut Compound

Jescar Correction Compound

Optimized to work perfectly with Jescar Medium Polish its extreme flexibility enables it to be used with Correction Compound on a DA or rotary tool for light compounding or with Micro Finishing Polish on many paint system.  The small cell size reduces splatter or polish sling, keeping the polish on the pad and increasing efficiency.


This pad has a similar cell size and smooth feeling as the Jescar Blue Foam Finishing Pad, with a firmer density and consistency for great correction and brilliant finish.


  • Premium prepolymer foam 
  • Ventilated Center hole on larger pads for heat dissipation. 
  • Technician Designed specifications for performance
  • Tested, Tries, and True bonding materials and process for the best in pad durability.


Choose from one of the sizes to fit your machine perfectly.

3.5" pad = use on 3" backing plate

5.5" pad = use on 5" backing plate

6.5" pad = use on 6" backing plate

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Yellow Foam Polishing Pad - Jescar Finishing Products - JP-YEL350

Yellow Foam Polishing Pad


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