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A new logo, a new team member, and a lot more new coming to Jescar Finishing for 2024 - Jescar Finishing Products

A new logo, a new team member, and a lot more new coming to Jescar Finishing for 2024

image of Jescar Logo

We've got BIG news, and it's not just a logo!

Jescar is so much more than what many know, and our focus for 2024 is to bring some incredible new products to market and tell everyone a little bit more about who we are and why we're even here!

Started in 1977, Jescar has been a leader in abrasive polishes for optical eyewear, musical instruments, and high end automotive paint finishes. Jescar has been working with leading global manufacturers for decades, importing and codeveloping the finest polishes and compounds known in the industry. 

Simply stated, Jescar is has been the leading innovator in abrasives, and abrasive polish formulations, and we have the history to prove it.  Our paint protection products have been reviewed and touted as some of the best for years, and they are still flagship products that still contend as some of the best, year after year.

Our Compounds and polishes are formulated using multiple abrasive types formed into a diminishing formula with unmatched cut to finish ratio and lack of dusting.  Jescar is easily one of the cleanest compounds and polishes when working in sensitive areas to dust and lint.  

We have a new member of the Team ........

image of eron Knox of Reds Detail Co and Tou Lo of Yelo Autosport at Gloss University at the Ring Brothers

Eron Knox is a wealth of knowledge and a veteran in the automotive detailing and auto paint restoration industry. 

With decades of experience, an instructor of Gloss University, and a well respected industry colleague, Eron will be a big part of the future of Jescar as well as well as building a community and the Jescar Army.

Eron will be the technical expert for Jescar, as well as leading the beta testing and product development for new additions to the Jescar line. He will be visible on our social media channels, YouTube, and creating educational content.

Do you want to hear something specific from Eron? Shoot us an email and let us know! He'll be writing blogs, doing how to videos, and giving you regular tech tips on how to use Jescar products and get the best results, as well as sharing cool tools and cheat codes for your process.

Stay tuned for more, because we have a lot to come.....

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