Jescar Powerlock Plus Polymer Sealant Review by Obsessed Garage

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Jescar Powerlock Plus Polymer Sealant Review by Obsessed Garage

Obsessed Garage

I know this is a bit old school, but trust me on this one. Wiping PL+ off the car is an experience every car guy should have at least once in your life.

I'm not exactly sure when I discovered this stuff, but to date I always come back to it this topped with Collinite 845.  I've tried dozens and dozens of other waxes, sealants, and coatings, but the combination of this Polymer Sealant and 845 is really hard to beat.

The combo is to put Jescar Powerlock+ as the base layer (polymer sealant) and top that with 2 coats of 845. You could certainly use this as a stand alone sealant, but I've found to only last a few months.  The concept here is to get the sealant to bond with the paint, then the wax to bond with the sealant.  Waxes and sealants don't always chemically play well together, but this and 845 are great together.  As the 845 wears away, you'll still hopefully have the base layer of Power Lock Plus holding out for more longevity.

This looks better than anything else I've ever used outside of maybe Swissvax Concorso, but lasts a lot longer and is more durable. Coatings may last longer and bead water better, but this is still my go-to solution.