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Buffing with Solid Bar Compound

Glanzmax is an all-new professional solid bar buffing compound by Jescar. We've used our over four decades of polishing experience to develop a unique and high quality line of solid compounds used by professionals and high end technicians alike.

To achieve a high gloss finish it is first necessary to sand the surface so it is perfectly flat with all of the imperfections and orange peel removed.  Depending on the type of coating, start with a medium grit sandpaper, then continue with progressively finer grits ultimately finishing with 600-1000 grit before beginning the buffing process.  Keep in mind that the purpose of buffing is to remove sanding scratches and not to level the surface.

We offer a wide variety of solid bar buffing compounds that range from coarse to extremely fine, and with different properties from dry to greasy for the appropriate level of lubrication and heat reduction.  In addition, our compounds are designed specifically for the material being buffed which will result in better finish quality and greater efficiency.  Compounds for buffing metal will never perform as well on  wood coatings as our compounds formulated for lacquer, polyurethane and polyester coating.


Products Available On

Glanzmax 90 - Heavy cut pre-polish for metals and plastic. Removes 220 grit sanding scratches.

Glanzmax 80 - Brown Tripoli pre-polish compound for removing 400 grit sanding. Use with brass and wood coatings.

Glanzmax 60 - Medium compound for removing 600-800 grit on wood coatings and plastic.

Glanzmax 50 - Fine coloring compound for aluminum.

Glanzmax 40 - Fine, dry compound for steel and wood coatings.

Glanzmax 30 - Fine compound for removing 800-1000 grit on wood coatings and plastic for high gloss finishes. 

Glanzmax 15 - Ultra fine, dry compound for wood coating and metals.

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