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Blue Finishing Foam Pad


 The Jescar Blue Micro-finishing pad was designed to work as a final finishing pad when used with Jescar Microfinishing Polish but can also be used to apply Power Lock sealant, Ultra Lock+ Sealant or Color Lock carnauba wax.  The blue foam was formulated to be extremely soft and smooth, making it perfect for polishing black vehicles and soft paints to a perfect finish.  This pad and polish combination works on the most delicate or dark finishes that show any swirls or haze, making the hardest part of your job easier.  The premium European 80 PPI foam, with its silky feel and solid structure, creates a superior feel and performance when in use.  Just soft enough to perfectly polish out the most sensitive paint, it contours to the shape of vehicles easily. Engineered foam evenly distributes the product over the pad and evenly apply product on the surface as well.

This foam is similar in feel and cell size to the Jescar Yellow Foam Polishing Pad, but a much more soft and plush firmness for the most delicate paintwork.

Pair with Jescar Fine Polish or Jescar Micro Finishing Polish for the most refined finish and gloss, or pair with one of our Protection products for a buttery smooth application.

Perfect for machine application of the following products:

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  • Premium prepolymer foam 
  • Ventilated Center hole on larger pads for heat dissipation. 
  • Technician Designed specifications for performance
  • Tested, Tries, and True bonding materials and process for the best in pad durability.

Choose from one of the sizes to fit your machine perfectly.

3.5" pad = use on 3" backing plate

5.5" pad = use on 5" backing plate

6.5" pad = use on 6" backing plate

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Blue Finishing Foam Pad - Jescar Finishing Products - JP-BLUE350

Blue Finishing Foam Pad


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