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Jescar Finishing Products


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Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax

Unleash the Power of SiO2 for Unrivaled Automotive Paint Protection and Gloss Enhancement!

Revolutionize your car care routine with Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax, a high-performance SiO2 ceramic wax designed to provide exceptional surface protection for your vehicle. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this spray-on solution redefines automotive detailing, offering versatility and durability like never before with insane water beading and shedding abilities.

  • SiO2 Ceramic Excellence: Immerse your vehicle in the advanced protection of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) with Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax. This high-performance formula ensures a robust ceramic coating barrier that guards against environmental contaminants, UV damage, and water spots.


  • Versatile Application: Whether you choose to use it as a standalone protection wax or to enhance and extend the life of existing ceramic coatings or sealants, Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax adapts to your unique detailing needs. Enjoy the flexibility of a product that caters to both enthusiasts and those seeking to fortify existing protections. Even use with your drying process for great lubricity, protection, and even easier drying experience.


  • Gloss Enhancement: Elevate your vehicle's appearance with a deep, glossy finish. Jescar's Ceramic Spray Wax not only shields against the elements but also enhances the natural luster of your paint, leaving your vehicle with an eye-catching brilliance.


  • Water Beading Mastery: Experience superior water beading capabilities that minimize water spots and promote easy maintenance. Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax creates a hydrophobic surface that repels water, making it easier to keep your vehicle looking pristine.


  • Up to 6 Months of Protection: Enjoy long-lasting defense against the elements with Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax. This spray-on, wipe-off silica/ceramic sealant delivers up to six months of reliable protection, ensuring your vehicle stays shielded and radiant for an extended period.

Elevate your car care regimen with Jescar Ceramic Spray Wax – where innovation meets protection. Embrace the power of SiO2 for a superior shine, reduced water spots, and a shield against the elements. Make every drive a showcase with Jescar – Order now for a lasting, glossy finish that stands the test of time!
This product can be used on top of any of the Jescar waxes or sealants of increased gloss and durability. We recommend allowing the wax to sit, as well as the polymer paint sealants to cure prior to applying Ceramic spray way.
Keep your vehicles paint finish water spot free with this organic spray sealant in a variety of sizes for on the go, or in the garage.

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