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PERFORMANCE CUT COMPOUND - A Revolutionary Solution

Combine Jescar Performance Cut Compound with the Jescar Microfiber Cutting Pad or your favorite cutting pad for an insane amout of correction ability with a great finish.

Many paints require a second polishing step after the compounding step. Check out our Fine Polish or Micro Finishing Polish to refine the paint after the first step.

PCC was engineered to bridge the gap between heavy compounding and single-stage polishing. Meticulously crafted to deliver incredible cutting ability, the PCC formula effortlessly eliminates imperfections while preserving surface integrity. This groundbreaking abrasive technology not only raises the bar for performance, it also redefines the possibilities of efficiency, empowering enthusiasts and professionals alike to achieve flawless results with unmatched efficiency and ease.

  • Cut to Finish Dynamic: Performance Cut Compound has a unique cut to finish dynamic, where aggressive cutting power seamlessly transitions into refinement. From heavy defects to simply refining a finish, Performance Cut Compound provides the benefits of two separate products in one bottle.


  • Versatility Unmatched: Performance Cut Compound isn’t just a one-trick pony – it’s a versatile powerhouse that adapts to your specific needs, providing exceptional results regardless of the polishing pad you choose. Whether you prefer the precision of microfiber or the versatility of foam, Performance Cut Compound delivers exceptional results with any pad. This ensures that your polishing experience is tailored to perfection with our extensive lineup of premium polishing pads. Ranging from aggressive cutting pads to ultra-fine finishing pads. The possibilities are endless.


  • Virtually Dust Free: Advanced formulation defies the norm of traditional cutting compounds, with little to no dusting, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient polishing experience.


  • Heat Reduction: The state-of-the-art abrasive technology reduces surface heat during polishing, ensuring accurate defect removal without compromising the integrity of the paint system. Minimizing heat allows for precise correction of imperfections without excessive stress on the paint.


  • Effortless removal: Performance Cut Compound lifts effortlessly, leaving behind a clean and pristine surface. No more excessive wiping and running the risk of accidental scratching. Removing this compound is a breeze.


  • Body shop safe: Formulated to meet the stringent standards of professional body shops. Free from harmful silicones, fillers, or solvents, it ensures compatibility with all paint systems, including OEM and refinished surfaces.


  • The New Standard: Performance Cut Compound’s cutting-edge formula sets a new standard in professional grade and DIY automotive finishing products. By harnessing the latest advancements in abrasive technology, Performance Cut Compound is more than just a product – it’s a testament to Jescar’s passion for perfection and our dedication to elevating every detail.

Jescar’s values in motion: Marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence through innovation, Jescar products are designed to deliver unparalleled results. Expertly crafted and tested, this latest addition to the Jescar lineup is the future of automotive refinement.


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