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Polishing compounds are designed to remove defects from surfaces caused by scratches and weathering or from sanding when removing dust nibs or orange peel.  The heavy abrasives in high concentration that were common in older generation compounds have been replaced with a completely new generation of high tech formulations.  In addition to the mechanical action of the abrasive powder special chemical components are incorporated to enhance the cutting ability of the abrasives and increase the surface gloss.  This also allow for the use of finer engineered abrasives in lower concentrations to reduce the dust level while leaving a superior finish.  In many applications the use of our heavy cutting compound alone will leave an excellent gloss in a single step saving time and reducing product cost.  

Jescar medium cut and fine polishes  can be used after heavy compounding to eliminate any trace of swirls or haze.  Developed for use in automotive assembly plants, paint defects can be permanently repaired without the use of fillers that only temporally hide, only to reappear later. Dark colors will exhibit a deeper level of gloss that will be showroom or concourse ready.

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